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My mom - Tamiko (born in 1929)- has been creating many things for many years mainly as her hobby. When Great East Japan Earthquake happened in March 11th 2011, my mom determined deeply to support their people who encounter such obstacles through her handmade products. However, since she is already 81 at that time. What she did as the first step was to organize friends, kids who used to be students of her own private art school to make Card Games (karuta game in which players race to grab cards (50 variations) associated with the first letter of each short sentence ) to encourage for afflicted people with 50 messages and illustrations. So she sent them to schools in these areas. The next step was to organize the Charity Bazaar with my sister Yuri to held at mom's house to invite people to sell  local products, foods which Yuri purchased in Miyagi-prefecture where one of the most damaged areas.
Then Tamiko and Yuri donated money from bazaar to Miyagi-prefecture. 
My mom was still continue to create some handmade products to sell at several flea markets to donate. However, sales through them were really little and we were struggle to continue and we were stuck.
In 2013, my mom who is always bright personality was deeply down. I never seen such a sad face on her and I deeply determined to support her to make her overcome and brake it through.
Yes, then Tammy's was established to not only for survivors but also support my mom and all of my family to live cheerfully. 

Please kindly note, every purchase supports these people who still struggle from disaster. Thank you!

Hiromi Yamashita Tsutatani

Born in Tokyo Japan AA in Graphic Design at Musashino Art Junior College. 

Careers: textile designer, buyer, trend forecaster present:chief buyer, branding manager at MoMA Design Store Japan


Producer for family brand Tammy's Bag

Yuri Yamashita Chang 
Born in Nagoya Japan.
In 1978, she graduated from the department of Product Design, Jewelry Course at Musashino Art University in Tokyo Japan.
She worked for one of the famous Jewelry Studios in Japan and she skilled up advanced techniques there.
After she received several awards from her work, In 1988, She moved to San Francisco to start her studio.
Now she dedicates herself for "needle felt works" based on her talent of making three dimension techniques. 
Feature of her works are "precise, methodical and enthusiasm". I don't know anyone who makes such realistic cats in half-three dimension in felt better than her.
There are too many cute, fancy and flatter cat motives in our markets. However, real cats are not always just cute. They are mysterious, serious, and look clever at the same time. I do hope you enjoy yourself with her unique art pieces.

Tamiko Yamashita 
Born in Shanghai in 1929 due to her family business. She is 87 year-old (as of 2016) .
In 1952, she graduated from the department of Sculpture at Musashino Art University in Tokyo Japan.
She started her own art studio to teach art, craft and drawing for kids when she was 20 and she continued teaching art until she became 80. Simultaneously, she has been doing creative activity enthusiastically as a sculptor (wooden sculpture or relief for creating medals) or a painter until today. 
After receiving many awards from her artworks, now she dedicates herself to needle felt work. 
Feature of her works are whatever she makes, these are friendly and feeling warm by using many colors just like water colors or oil painting on canvas. And main motif--- an animal--it looks alive and really cute.
Everyone look really happy to receive goods from us after waiting several weeks of production period.

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